Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shaving made easy for spoonies

Attention ladies who choose to shave – and anyone who may or may not identify as a lady but who prefers to use shaving products marketed to ladies – I have to tell you about this razor I found that makes the whole process faster and easier than I thought it could be for me.

Now, I’ve got my gaggle of diagnoses and the effects of them can vary from day to day. I prefer to shave my underarms all the time and occasionally to shave my legs (having it hurt when the hair moves on your clothing is some decent impetus to remove said hair). But having energy levels and spoon supplies that range from non-existent to middling most days means that managing a can of shaving cream or body wash lather for shaving purposes is often just one step too many in a hygiene routine.

Enter my new favorite find.


This, my friends, is one of the Gillette Venus built-in shave gel razors. There’s no need for shaving cream with this, and it gives me as close and comfortable a shave as I’ve ever had. Even on my low spoons days, if I have the energy to get in the shower, I can have the energy to shave at least my underarms since this is no more involved than the process of washing them. Get the razor & the skin wet, shave, no interim steps; there’s no fumbling with caps, variable weight bottles or cans, no buttons to try and press down just the right amount.

On days when I have the spoons to shave my legs, these reduce the cost of that action by at least half, if not more. I still have to bend to reach different spots on my legs, but I only have to do it once and I don’t have to struggle to keep my leg out of the path of water between prepping to shave and the actual touch of the razor. I don’t have to go over the same area repeatedly if I put too much shaving cream on – because no shaving cream!

These are a little more expensive than the razors without the built in gel bars, but you don’t have to buy shaving cream anymore, so it evens out pretty well. I do caution that you need to store this outside the shower whatever the package says, because too much constant moisture will wear down the gel bars, but that just means you put the storage hook just outside the shower curtain/door where you can still reach it from inside the shower.

These razors are light and well balanced, keeping me from feeling strain in my hands and wrists, even on  my bad days. The gel bar doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or itchy, and when properly stored, the gel bars last a good length of time; I usually find the gel bar is almost gone about the time the razor itself needs changed because of dullness.

If you want to check these out before you dive in completely, there are disposable versions available. I tend to stick to the 3 blade types, but if you want an even closer shave or you want longer between shaves, there are a couple types with 5 blades.

This is not a paid advertisement; I genuinely find these razors to be the best thing I’ve found for trying to shave while dealing with multiple complicating medical factors.

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